• Işık Ceren Alpago

  • 10/05/2021 Monday : Weekly speaking clubs in Moderndiller is highly supportive for me to improve my English and to regain my self confidence in speaking English. Conversation practices also create a synergy within the English learners in this process. You have chance to practice with professional teachers who can correct you instantly while you’re speaking. I highly recommend regular participation to the speaking clubs.

  • Sevim Belge

  • 09/04/2021 Friday : The reason I chose modern languages was because Mr. Ali was my old teacher but soon enough I realized that I made such a professional, entertaining and correct decision when I started my classes and I am very happy to be here.
    Thank you very much.


  • 05/04/2021 Monday : Learning a language with Modern Diller means getting better and better everyday without having no doubt, no stress, no press and no thousands of negative thoughts about your progress. You just have fun while having such progresses.
    It is a good learning journey….; Just take a breath, dive deep, speak without feeling anxious and feel confortable.
    This is how they touch you…
    Many thanks and appreciation..

  • Deniz

  • 02/04/2021 Friday : Thank you modern diller for providing us such a great opportunity to practice speaking -it is very beneficial and i recommend it to anyone who wants to have a chance to express her/himself in english – i felt a little bit excited/ nervous in my first lesson but i hope i will be better next time – thankk youuuu….

  • Senem Şenturk

  • 02/04/2021 Friday : Hello🙋🏼‍♀️ i like speaking class. I think it will be very beneficial for me.
    I was a bit exited tonight, i hope i will be more comfortable next time.

  • Ali Aljemaily

  • 02/04/2021 Friday : Just finished our first online speaking club and I think it was fruitful and fun. As a first step, it was a great opportunity to meet some of our students face to face, a lot more activities will follow every week with new topics and new teachers. Thank you all for participating.



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