• Write the English names for these numbers.
      1. Example 7 Seven
      2. 1.) 3
      3. 2.) 8
      4. 3.) 5
      5. 4.) 10
      6. 5.) 15
      7. 6.) 27
      8. 7.) 89
      9. 8.) 200
      10. 9.) 2000
      11. 10.) 154
    • Write the correct form of the word "walk" in each gap
      1. ExampleHe is walking to the party
      2. 11.) He can home after school.
      3. 12.) He to work now.
      4. 13.) He with his mother yesterday.
      5. 14.) He always to the shop these days.
      6. 15.) He for two days already, so he is tired.
      7. 16.) He for a long time when he arrived.
      8. 17.) He for an hour by the time he gets home.
    • Write questions for these answers.
      1. Example Answer - You are home
        Question - Are you home?
      2. 18.) This is my book.
        my book?
      3. 19.) He is very tall.
        very tall?
      4. 20.) They are students.
      5. 21.) This movie will end soon.
        movie end soon?
      6. 22.) She has got seven apples.
        apples has she got?
      7. 23.) John saw Mary at the beach.
        saw Mary at the beach?
      8. 24.) This string is a meter long.
        is this string?
      9. 25.) They ate the bread because they were hungry.
        they eat the bread?
      10. 26.) The food is all gone.
        is all gone?
      11. 27.) Lessons will begin at 9.30
        lessons begin?
      12. 28.) The parade ended at 12 o’clock.
        ended at 12 o’clock?
    • Make these positive verbs negative.
      1. Example 1 My dog is white.
        My dog is not white
      2. Example 2 Paint the house.
        Don’t paint the house
      3. 29.) That man is tall.
      4. 30.) He ran home.
      5. 31.) They were eating meat.
      6. 32.) He had five dollars.
      7. 33.) You must break this.
      8. 34.) You should’ve run.
      9. 35.) You have to study hard.
      10. 36.) I saw something.
      11. 37.) She can run fast.
    • Fill in the gaps with the correct words.
      1. Deniz went 38.) see her sister 39.) Izmir. 40.) the way she passed 41.) Bursa.

        42.) Bursa she looked 43.) everything 44.) the shops. She wanted to buy some food 45.) her sister 46.) Izmir. She bought a packet 47.) tea and some cake. Deniz walked away 48.) the shops and got back 49.) the bus and sat 50.) her seat. She put her tea and cake 51.) her bag and went 52.) sleep. After sleeping 53.) three hours she woke 54.) 55.) Izmir.

    • The car belonging to him = his car
      1. 56.) The car belonging to her = It’s car.
      2. 57.) The car belonging to them = It’s car.
      3. 58.) The car belonging to me = It’s car.
      4. 59.) The car belonging to it = It’s car.
      5. 60.) The car belonging to Bill = It’s car.
      6. 61.) The car belonging to nobody = It’s car.
      7. 62.) The car belonging to you = It’s car.
    • I’m = I am
      1. 63.) = they are
      2. 64.) = he has
      3. 65.) = we are
      4. 66.) = she is
      5. 67.) = I have
      6. 68.) = he will
      7. 69.) = we would
    • Write the correct echo question to these sentences.
      1. Example (Person A) She got married.
        Echo: (Person B) Did she?
      2. 70.) (Person A) You’re very tall. (Person B)
      3. 71.) (Person A) I’m going on holiday. (Person B)
      4. 72.) (Person A) They’ve been robbed! (Person B)
      5. 73.) (Person A) He was on the plane to Paris. (Person B)
      6. 74.) (Person A) My car’s dirty. (Person B)
      7. 75.) (Person A) She’s married. (Person B)
    • Underline the incorrect part of each of these sentences.
      1. Example Bill seen his brother at school
      2. 76.) My sister and were walking home when we saw the sick dog.
      3. 77.) “Throw the ball to ?” screamed Jack.
      4. 78.) We all went into the town sing at the concert.
      5. 79.) I off my bike on my way to school.
      6. 80.) I was hot so I took off my jumper.
    • Fill in the correct family member titles.
      1. Example My aunt’s son is my cousin
      2. 81.) My mother’s father is my .
      3. 82.) My sister’s daughter is my .
      4. 83.) My wife’s brother is my .
      5. 84.) My mother’s sister is my .
      6. 85.) My sister’s husband is my .
      1. Read this passage and answer the questions below.

        Camels go crazy as water supplies dry up

        By Emma Gumbleton
        December 18, 2006 12:00am
        CAMELS are going mad with thirst in the Central Australian Outback.
        As waterholes dry up, the feral animals are forced to leave the desert to search for water.
        About 200 camels have set up camp in the middle of the remote Western Australian town of Warakurna, destroying air conditioners, toilets and taps. Similar attacks happen every year to stations near Alice Springs.
        Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife scientist Glenn Edwards said the problem was getting worse as the drought persisted.
        "The other thing happening at the same time is that the population is going up. We estimate the population is doubling every eight years," he said.
        "When it's dry like it has been over the past three or four years and the weather gets very hot, they obviously come chasing water and that brings them on to pastoral leases and into remote communities where they get up to all sorts of mischief."
        There are an estimated 1 million feral camels in Central Australia.
        Mr Edwards is working with the Desert Knowledge Co-operative Research Centre to develop the first national camel management plan.
        It's being driven by a stakeholder committee from the NT South Australia and Western Australia.
        "Some people want to make money out of camels, particularly in remote indigenous communities, so that may be a management option in those areas," Mr Edwards said.
        "But then there are parts where nobody lives where there's no other option but to shoot them.
        "We know what the population is doing so we can take out animals to keep the population static or in fact reduce it."
        A draft camel management plan should be finished by mid-2008.

      2. 86.) What is making camels in Australia go crazy?
        is making camels in Australia go crazy.
      3. 87.) How many camels are predicted to be in Australia in eight years’ time?
        In eight years’ time there are predicted to be camels in Australia.
      4. 88.) What have damaged air conditioners at Warakurna?
        have damaged air conditioners in Warakurna.
      5. 89.) Which word means that the drought continued?
      6. 90.) Who is the author of this story?
        is the author of this story.
      7. 91.) Who wants Mr. Edwards to develop the Camel management Plan?
        wants Mr Edwards to develop the Camel Management Plan.
      8. 92.) What hasn’t happened in central Australia over the last three or four years?
        It hasn’t over the last three of four years in central Australia.
      9. 93.) What is the alternative to making money out of the camels?
        The alternative to making money out of the camels is to .
      10. 94.) Which word in the story means “staying the same, not changing”?
      11. 95.) What does Mr Edwards do?
        Mr. Edwards is a
    • Write the adjective form of these nouns
      1. Example width - wide
      2. 96.) height
      3. 97.) depth
      4. 98.) greatness
      5. 99.) youth
      6. 100.) honesty



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